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David Rodger Sharp Wedding Ring Consultations


Why should I book a consultation?

We know you want a ring or rings you’ll cherish for a lifetime; we also understand you may not know too much about ring design, diamonds or the jeweller’s craft. By sitting down and discussing your needs together we can help you chose a design, shape and setting that is personal to you, that you’ll be happy to wear and cherish for a lifetime.


How do I book a consultation?

Booking is simple, either call us on 01491 411262, complete the Consultation Booking Form here or if you’re in Henley pop into the showroom at 8a Duke Street.


What information will you need?

On the Consultation Booking Form you’ll see we ask you for various pieces of personal information, this is all designed to help us take you through the process as smoothly as possible, but don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers now, as we can discuss them with you during the consultation. 


Most importantly we need to know the date of your wedding and when you need the rings.


Do you protect my personal information?

David Rodger Sharp is committed to protecting your private information. You can find out more about the information we collect and what we do with in store.


Where will the consultation take place?

If you come to our Henley showroom you’ll be greeted with a glass of champagne, G&T, a beer or drink of your choice, turning the consultation process into a truly relaxing and memorable experience. 


We can also come to your home (within a 30 mile radius of Henley), in the evening or during the weekend if required and can bring all our samples and designs with us, but you’ll have to provide the drinks!


How long does a Wedding Ring consultation take?

We recommend setting aside one hour for the consultation, however if it takes a little longer that’s OK. Our role is to make sure you create the perfect rings for you and your partner; a unique process for every couple.


Will I be able to try on any rings during the consultation?

Of course you will. We have hundreds of sizes, shapes, designs, metals, finishes and settings to try, but remember all our rings can be customised so you create something wonderful and unique to you.


Would you like them to match?

Many couples like to create matching wedding rings, its one of the first things you should consider. Our design expert can help you create a beautiful pair that perfectly complement each other.


On the other hand, brides often wish to match their wedding band to their engagement ring, or grooms may want to opt for a simpler, practical design. Remember it’s your choice, but we will provide expert guidance to help you with your vision.


Can you match my wedding ring to my engagement ring?

Many brides like to have two rings that match or complement one another, they give a seamless elegance to the ring finger. Our jewellery design expert will be able to help you with this during your consultation. They’ll ensure the shape, settings and diamonds complement your engagement ring so they sit comfortably on the finger together.


Of course we can also help with your engagement ring, in fact many couples go about creating the two rings to be a perfect pair at the same time. Just ask if this is something you’d like to do.


What sizes and shapes can you show me?

You’ll be wearing your Wedding Ring every day for the rest of your lives so it has to be comfortable, especially for men who may not have worn much jewellery previously, therefore the size and shape is important.


The two most popular shapes for Wedding Rings are the classic Court Ring and the Flat Court Ring, both are elegant with simple curved designs, but there are many other options to consider depending if you want a contemporary, vintage or classic look.


During your consultation we will show you rings with Concave, Bevelled Edge, Flat, D Shape, Shaped, Vintage and Two Tone shapes. They all come in different widths and shapes so make sure you get the correct size to sit comfortably on your hand.


Do I have to have Gold or are there other metal options?

Gold is of course the traditional Wedding Ring metal, but did you know it comes in a number of options, depending on purity and the alloys used in the metal. 

  • Yellow Gold is the classic Wedding Ring choice, a beautiful colour, easy to wear, durable and stunning.

  • White Gold is a combination of Yellow Gold with another white metal such as palladium. It is a beautiful silvery white metal, which lends itself to stunning contemporary designs. 

  • Rose Gold has a warm reddish hue from the copper content in the metal and is becoming a very fashionable choice for couples

Other options include:

  • Platinum is a beautiful white metal, ideal for jewellery because of its strength and tarnish resistant properties, making it a wonderful setting for your wedding diamonds. 

  • Palladium is similar to platinum but slightly lighter. It lends itself to a high-polish finish making it a beautiful setting for engagement and wedding rings. 

  • Silver is a soft metal and normally combined with an alloy such as copper to create a more durable product, known as Sterling Silver. It can be finished to a high-polish, creating a classic look and is the most accessible of all the precious metals.


Are there different finishes?

You can have a number of different finishes, depending on your choice of metal and design, from highly-polished to fine matt. We will let you have all the options during your consultation. 


Can I have Diamonds set into my Wedding Ring?

It’s your ring so you can have whatever works for you. Diamonds can be studded or set into the band, you can have a full set or opt for contemporary, vintage or shaped looks to display your jewellery at its most beautiful. 


What else do I need to think about?

It’s worthwhile to have a budget in mind and to discuss this with us so that we can present you with options within your price range and you don’t get any surprises!


Make sure you take your time to get the design, shape, metal, stones and setting you want. We’re happy to give you the time to consider your options; after all it’s a decision that will last you a lifetime.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your rings will be something you cherish for the rest of your life so it’s important you don’t have any doubts about your choices.



We ask for a 50% deposit when you order your ring or rings.


Final payment

Final payment for your jewellery will need to be made either prior to or when you collect your ring/s.



Your jewellery will be available for collection from the David Rodger Sharp Jeweller showroom in Henley on Thames. If required you can always make an appointment to try on and collect your ring/s. Alternative arrangements can be made on request.



Your ring/s are provided with a 12 month guarantee. The diamonds are guaranteed for life. We will resize your ring/s as needed throughout your lifetime.



David Rodger Sharp Jeweller will provide free cleaning and inspection of your ring/s during your lifetime.


To book a Wedding Ring Consultation click here or call us today on 01491 411262 

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